How to buy off Plan Property in Dubai

Step by step guide –

Have a clear idea of what you need to buy

Off plan property don’t provide the facility of physically going and viewing the property thus prior planning has to be done for what is required and look for an investment that will provide benefit. Some points should be kept in mind before planning.

  • Best price: look for something that is low in price and would maximize the returns.
  • Profit Opportunity: The property can be sold before its completion if good profits are available.
  • Plans: Look out for budget, location, developer, property type, size and facilities.

Register with real estate company specialized in off plan

An experience agency would provide you with varied choices and would help find the best properties. Their network could help get good deals at good locations on good prices.

Get the right property

The agent will give the options of properties according the requirement with all the necessary details. Now you have to choose the right property amongst them and ask for mock properties if they are available.

Sign the contract with developer

After finalizing the property, you will have to reserve it by signing a contract called SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement) with developer. After this an initial deposit and the required documents containing the passport copy will have to be submitted.


The payments would be done according to the plan in the contract until the full payment is completed. All the term and conditions should be taken care of.

Property Handover

The property will be inspected by the buyer after the contract if to find any issues if present. After the final payment, the access cards and keys will be provided. Take help from your agent to ensure smooth execution of things.

Compare Properties
Add properties to compare.