How to rent property in Dubai

Guide to rent a property in Dubai

Check your budget

It is required in Dubai to pay the rent in advance. So it necessary to make sure how much money you have in hand and also don’t forget about the additional fee that are applicable like ejari fee, moving fee, agency fee, DEWA fee.

Search for right home

Consult the people around for good homes available. Take help of an experienced agent if possible. Work with an agency to know about all the laws and procedures that need to be followed.

View property

Before buying or renting a property, it is very important to have a prior look at it and see if it fulfills all your requirements or not. Ask your agent to schedule a visit.

Making the offer

After finalizing the property the tenant and landlord make an offer consulting their agents and decide on the price, no of cheques, deposit amount, contract date and other things including decorations and furniture.

Terms of rent

A contract will be drafted consisting of terms according to the tenancy laws of Dubai. This would be managed by your RERA certified agent. After this, your passport and VISA copies will have to submitted with 5% security deposit.

Signing the contracts

Once the contracts get drafted, it will be required to sign them by both parties and give the agency commission. The keys are provided after the
cheques are handed over and contracts are signed.


DEWA (Dubai electrical and water Authority) demands submission of documents in the rental process DEWA number, passport copies of tenant and landlord, DEWA form and setup fee (refundable).

Ejari registration

Registering with Ejari is important for Visa renewal to live and work in Dubai. Following documents will be required for registration, original tenancy certificate, Original DEWA receipt of connection in tenant’s name, Title deed, Copy of passports (tenant and landlord) and Copy of Emirates ID

Move in

Some developers ask for NOC before moving in. This can be obtained with Ejari certificate, tenant’s visa and passport copies.
Make sure to check the property before moving in. Take necessary precautions like taking pictures of site and sending them to your agent and
landlord in case of any damage present.
Ensure the property is in good condition before you move in.

Compare Properties
Add properties to compare.