Stunningly Designed Residence

In The Heart Of Dubai’s

Starting From

AED 8,588,000

Stunningly Designed Residence In The Heart Of Dubai
Starting From

AED 8,588,000

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MAG Group is a sizable corporation that operates in diverse sectors, including commerce, real estate, service, and construction. It has a presence in the Middle East and MENA region, such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, and Lebanon, among others, through its 50 companies. One of MAG Group’s notable real estate development companies is MAG Lifestyle Development, which is renowned in the Dubai market for its impressive projects, such as the MAG Townhouses and MAG EYE Apartments in MBR City. MAG Lifestyle Development has an extensive portfolio that encompasses various asset types, including real estate, and leverages its expertise to enhance operational efficiencies and achieve long-term success.

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MMAG Group is a large corporation that provides a wide range of products and services in diverse sectors, including commerce, real estate, service, and construction. Through its 50 companies, MAG Group offers:

Commercial services: MAG Group provides an extensive range of commercial services, including trading, logistics, manufacturing, and distribution.

Real estate development: MAG Lifestyle Development is one of MAG Group’s prominent companies, specializing in real estate development. It offers a range of residential and commercial properties, including villas, apartments, townhouses, and office spaces.

Property management: MAG Group also provides property management services to ensure efficient and effective operations of their real estate assets.

Facilities management: MAG Group offers facilities management services, ensuring that buildings are well-maintained, secure, and operating optimally.

Construction services: MAG Group provides construction services, including general contracting, engineering, procurement, and construction management.

Hospitality: MAG Group owns and manages hotels and resorts in various locations, providing high-quality hospitality services to its customers. Overall, MAG Group is a versatile corporation that offers diverse products and services across different sectors, delivering value to its customers through its time-tested expertise and commitment to quality.

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