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Real Estate Market Forecast 2023-Dubai

Dubai Real Estate Market has shown rapid growth in past few years. The market made record breaking transactions in year 2022. With each passing day the developers are launching new price benchmarks in the luxury sector. The smooth process, launching of free-hold communities, secure real estate trends, business-friendly environment and government regulations has played a dynamic role in taking Dubai’s properties to sky height. It is why investors always find Dubai a world’s safest destination for the investment. According to the real estate industry experts it has recorded that Dubai’s real estate market break the records with 93 real estate transactions in 2022. In the coming years it is expecting that Dubai’s property prices will continue to rise because of high-demand of luxury properties by people from all over the world. It is also predicted that the demand for properties in 2023 will increase by 46% so the cost for properties will also rise by 29% in 2023.
Scope of Properties in Dubai
Despite the global pandemic the Dubai’s real estate industry has continue to grow. There are some factors that play a vital role in high demand of properties in Dubai i.e
Flexible Environment of Real Estate Industry
UAE government always encourages the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to invest in different industries. Government focuses on providing the flexible business environment for the business community. Therefore these entrepreneurs show a positive response in buying properties in Dubai.
Golden Visa for Investors
There is a 10-year Golden Visa facility for the high investors in Dubai real estate market so the investors can apply for family visa later on. It is another reason why investors from all over the world prefer to invest in Dubai. This visa allows multiple entries into the UAE and 100% ownership of their businesses or properties within the UAE.
High Rental Yield
Dubai is the famous destination among investors, students, tourists and business community from all over the world to come and live a good standard life in Dubai. Therefore the demand for rental properties remains to increase every year. Property owners from different localities in Dubai get high ROI annually for their rental properties.
World-Class Infrastructure
Dubai is a lucrative city with world-class infrastructure of the real estate industry. The best-in-class amenities, 24/7 services and secure environment is the hidden secret behind the infrastructural facilities that UAE is providing for years.
Tax-free Properties
In Dubai there are so many free-hold communities that attract foreign investors and local people to buy their properties on a large scale. The tax-free scheme enables investors to get rid of additional taxes. It is another reason that people from all over the globe shows their high interest in buying properties in Dubai. All of the above mentioned factors play a significant role in stabling the real estate sector of Dubai. In the coming years there will be a rapid growth in the because of upcoming off-plan projects. The government is still taking initiatives to stable the economy of the city by providing ideal and secure environment for the investors.
Residential Properties Outcome in 2022
In year 2022 the cost for residential properties were increased by 9.5 % then previous years. The lavish apartments and villas cost was recorded by 9 % increase and 12.8% increase respectively. The different living communities of Jumeirah district was recorded as the highest sales rate of AED 2,324 per sqft for apartments and AED 3,921 per sqft for the villas
Rental Properties in 2022
According the CBRE report for the rental properties, Dubai has shown positive growth as compare to previous years. In 2022 the apartments and villas rental prices rose by 27.1% to 24.9%. In year 2022 the average annual rental price for apartments was AED 95,000 and the rent for villas was AED 282,000.
Highly Demanded Properties in 2022

In has been observed that waterfront properties in Dubai have remained most sought-after properties among investors. All the waterfront living communities’ i.e Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Harbour etc are the hot favorite destinations of investors.
Business Bay, Emirates Living, Arabian Ranches, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate, Jumeriah Lake Towers etc are luxurious residential properties with all the modern amenities and the state-of-the-art technologies. These are vibrant residential communities offer attractive recreational points, lush green landscapes, entertainment venues and much more.

Investors Interest in Buying Properties in Dubai
According to the report the number of registered investors in 2022 was 53% as compared to 2021. In year 2023 it is expected that the flow of investors will increase more than 2022 because of flexible environment of the real estate industry of Dubai.
Real Estate Market Forecast for 2023
In past year few years the Dubai’s real estate industry has shown phenomenal growth because the government is continually taking measurements to attract foreign investors and business community to come and buy properties in Dubai. The business reforms and convenient access for visas are especial steps taken by the government for boosting the economic growth of the city in Middle East. Dubai is the worldly recognized tourism destination. Therefore this city offers so many profitable opportunities to visitors, investors and local community to invest in real estate sector. Due to high demand of tourism in Dubai the rental properties in Dubai are highly profitable. In the current year the rate of properties and rental growth will expected to rise more than previous years. The real estate experts are expecting to deliver 30,000-35,000 new living units in the year 2023. The Dubai government has announced Strategic Plan 2026 in the start of 2023. This plan would proof best for the positive growth of property industry of Dubai. In this Strategic Plan the government has announced innovative real estate solutions for the growth of the industry. So the main focus will be on implementing high standards and regulation in the property market by protecting the assets of investors. Also the government is taking special measurement to reduce the energy crises and the geopolitical instability in the region. In this way the investors will show more interest in investing in real estate sector of Dubai. The developers are launching new projects while focusing on the preferences of consumers. In the year 2022 there are more than 10,000 projects are under implementation for the construction of apartments, townhouses and villas. It is expected that these projects will get completed by the end of 2024-2025 early. So there is still a wide scope in investing in the real estate sector of the Dubai.
Final Words
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