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Some Must-try Things at Al Seef, Dubai

Al Seef Dubai is one of the popular tourist destinations where people come to enjoy holidays every year. This is a leisure district is in Dubai Creek, with various exciting choices to spend quality time with dear ones. Al Seef is a recently opened tourist destination. This amazing development was built by Meeras and opened to the public before the pandemic.
Al Seef Dubai is an astonishing project comprising comfort, adventure, top-notch amenities, and premium services at one destination. This wonderful district in Dubai has well-built buildings featuring past-time traditional structures. People can closely observe Emirati traditions and cultural values by visiting Al Seef. People can feel themselves in the era where rich Emirati cultural values were exist.
The Creek area holds significant importance in the history of Dubai. This is one of the coastal pearl diving bases where Dubai stands today with full majesty. Al Seef is developed on a creekside; hence perfectly pays tribute to Dubai’s first source of livelihood. The infrastructure of Al Seef perfectly represents the old and new Dubai, so grabbing tourists’ attention on a large scale. Visiting Al Seef is an ideal way to see old Dubai with a touch of modernism.
Al Seef Dubai Attractions
Al Seef Dubai Creek district welcomes all tourists and residents to come and closely observe the beautiful points of attractions built there for them. There are a huge exciting activities that tourists can do while visiting Al Seef. In this blog, we’ll discuss Al Seef Dubai attractions that appeal to the people.
Hava A Coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks is probably one of the most visited shops in Al Seef. If you are a coffee addict, you must go there and have a cup of unbeatable taste of coffee. In an ancient building, the Starbucks coffee shop serves tourist coffee with a blend of modernism. Having a cup of coffee in a place with a quirky combo of old and new Dubai is a great idea to enjoy the beauty of Al Seef. You can easily observe the traditional Arabic architecture and modern-day Dubai by sitting there. With a rustic finish, Starbucks coffee shop instantly grabs tourists’ attention and welcomes them to enjoy a unique taste of coffee with freshly baked tempting eateries.

Do Some Brain storming Activities in Museum of Illusions

Al Seef Creek is one of the most scenic waterfront destinations popular among tourists to discover the old history of Dubai. This place is full of puzzles and brain teaser activities. Museum of Illusion is an amazing entertainment venue and a home to countless optical illusions. There are mind-blowing interactive and eye-catching exhibits designed to test and entertain the mental sharpness of the visitors. With immersive installations in the world, the Museum of Illusions is a worth visiting place in A Seef to feel and observe what seems unreachable. Al Seef is one of the Dubai’s historical attractions, and there the Museum of Illusion is one best hotspot to rediscover old Dubai. Museum of Illusion is a peaceful, family-oriented place with many optical illusions, and ideal for for all those who love to play puzzle games to get an enriching entertainment experience.

Have a Traditional Abra Ride to Deira & the Gold Souk

Taking a ride on traditional abra while on tour to Al Seef is an exciting activity you never want to miss. It is an adventurous ride to cross the creek to the Deira district. Abra is Dubai’s oldest traditional means of transport to cross the creek safely. Deira district is another place in Dubai where you can observe an extensive range of spices and textiles souks. The worth visiting point of the Deira district is Dubai Gold Souk, which welcomes tourists to come and see a tremendous collection of exquisite gold jewelry.

Your visit to Al Seef would be complete with a ride an abra to approach the Deira district. You can shop stunning glittery gold jewelry from hundreds of stalls by visiting Iconic Gold Souk. After shopping of gold jewelry , you can move forward to learn about Dubai’s traditional spices that enhance the taste of Arabic cuisine. You also have the option to visit a traditional textile souk where you can learn about Arabic cultural garments.

Learn Arabic Culture at Al Seef Heritage Souk
If you are passionate about learning different Arabic cultural values and traditions, visiting The Heritage Souk would be a mind-blowing idea. You can see hundreds of beautiful handicrafts and decor items. Also, there are stalls for henna tattoos for the visitors. In Heritage Souk, you can closely observe the past heritage of Dubai by walking around the souk. You can explore many stores in Heritage Souk, from traditional clothing to unique jewelry products and other gift items. This place in Al Seef is home to precious Arabic heritage and the best place for those who love to collect traditional items from the Arabic golden era.
Visit to Al Fahidi Neighborhood

Al Fahidi is another worth-seeing neighborhood in Al Seef. This is the best place to learn about the Culture of Dubai. This place can take you to the memory land of the early 1900s, where you can learn much about the UAE’s religion, history, and culture. By visiting Al Fahidi, you can learn about glittery Dubai’s origin, traditional and cultural values. Al Fahidi is a place where the Dubai Museum stands with full majesty. You can observe there the recreations of houses and mosques from old Dubai. 

You can get a wonderful opportunity to visit the Coffee Museum located in Al Fahidi to discover the demanding beverages of old Dubai. Visiting the Coffee Museum can provide you with an exciting chance to learn about various popular coffee styles in old times. You can also observe an appealing collection of coffee artifacts and eye-catchy gift items. Al Fahidi is demanding place to foreigners, tourists, and ex-pats when visiting Al Seef.

Have a Shopping Haul at Al Seef Mall
There is a state-of-the-art shopping mall called Al Seef Mall Dubai where you can get an exciting shopping experience with a huge collection of different stores i.e. stunning handcrafted products, an appealing perfume house, a well-designed beauty center, and an extensive range of gifts and souvenirs. Also, there are trending clothing stores, fashion accessories, and much more. After having an exciting shopping haul, there are many options to deal with your cravings. There are so many top-notch restaurants serving cuisines of many cultures.
What to eat at Al Seef?

Try Dukkan Burger

Dukkan Burger is another best option to fill the hungry tummy. Dukkan Burger serves delicious burgers with American-Arabian fusion. With a twist of two cultures, Dukkan Burger offers beef and chicken burgers with complementary hotdogs, French fries, and Mexican bites. One specialty of Dukkan Burger is a camel burger for those visitors who love to taste authentic Emirati flavor.

Visit Al Fanar, Seafood Market

Al Fanar Sea Food Market is heaven for seafood lovers. You can enjoy the yummiest seafood dishes in this market in a soothing Arabic ambiance. In this seafood market, a large variety of traditional Arabic seafood items with authentic Emirati flavors represent the Emirati culture of old times. Sitting in a rustic-chic seafood point, you can observe the transformation of 1960s Dubai to modern Dubai. The most popular seafood dishes served in Al Fanar Seafood Market are grilled prawns, fish machboos, kingfish biryani, grilled sea bream, and much more. You can choose your favorite fresh seafood, and the chefs there will infuse tempting Emirati flavors into that seafood dish.
Go to the Japanese Desert House
Al Seef is a district with a variety of attractions for visitors. You can get mouthwatering cuisines of different cultures. One of the must-visiting food points is the Japanese dessert house” Yuki No Hana.” Enjoy tasty smoothies, waffles, crepes, popular Japanese desserts, and sweets. Delicious ice cream is the other must-try option in this Japanese dessert house.
Al Seef district is a one-stop destination for tourists who want a thrilling time. You can always do so many exciting activities, including having savory dishes and drinks. This is one of the most-visited destinations for all those who want to rediscover old Dubai with a blend of modern touch.

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