Best Business Locations in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most demanding cities among business-minded people for business growth. The government of Dubai has contributed a lot to making this city favorable for the business community. The government has introduced a well-designed investor-friendly infrastructure to grab the attention of investors around the globe. Numerous facilities are available for instant connections and business networking for entrepreneurs.

Dubai has a strong strategic location, so its economy is booming yearly. It is why international markets and high-net investors consider Dubai for setting up companies. So the Dubai government is contributing a lot to create a highly flexible environment for the new setups in Dubai. The great initiatives by the government have made Dubai one of the world’s best destinations for different businesses. The attractive features for businesses in Dubai include the following: 

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Quick business setups
  • Secure and stable governance
  • Best Transpiration network
  • Tax-free areas

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best business locations in Dubai that you can consider for setting up your company.


Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the hottest destinations for business in Dubai. This is the busiest road decked with iconic high-rise buildings on both sides. Dubai’s most remarkable buildings stand at Sheikh Zayed Road, i.e., Emirates Towers and Dubai World Trade Centre. This popular road centrally connects the city to other major destinations in Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road houses majestic commercial buildings, corporate offices, and famous residential towers. International investors always have interest in setting up their companies to add value to their businesses. Dubai‘s popular business hubs, i,e DIFC, and Business Bay, are close to Sheikh Zayed Road.
One specialty of Sheikh Zayed Road is its location, which connects it to Dubai’s demanding destinations and landmarks. This road is the longest in Dubai that remains busy all the time. Most popular business ventures, leading corporates, incredible infrastructures, and worldly recognized companies are offering services successfully at Sheikh Zayed Road for years. Those who want to start their companies can consider Sheikh Zayed Road. Although the rents of commercial properties are high but there is scope for your business growth at Sheikh Zayed Road. Public transport remains available around the clock at Sheikh Zayed Road. This road houses renowned dining points and shopping malls. There are various options to start small to large setups according to your budget. No doubt it is a vibrant location in the heart of Dubai that connects all corners of the city effortlessly

Business Bay

Business Bay is another prominent location for business in Dubai. This prime location houses leading corporate offices of top-notch international companies. Business Bay is home to modern amenities and services. Dubai’s best high-rise commercial buildings with excellent infrastructure are standing at Business Bay with majesty. The strong network of linking roads allows people from every corner of Dubai to connect with Business Bay. The two popular highways, i.e., Shiekh Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road, are easily accessible from Business Bay.

It is one of the busiest locations with trending commercial and residential towers. That is why investors are highly interested in buying or renting properties in Business Bay. Business Bay is a cosmopolitan region with many attractions for foreigners and investors. Businesses related to the hospitality industry are ideal to start at Business Bay. You can find many ideal locations for shops or offices in Business Bay.

Al Quasis 

Al Quasis is a popular location in Dubai that houses so many leading industries. One of the reasons to choose Al Quasis is the low rental properties for businesses. You can find so many budget-friendly places to start your small setup in Al Quasis as compared to other locations in Dubai. One benefit of starting your business in Al Quasis is its expansion to Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Quasis is close to Sharjah Airport so there is a scope for growth of companies offering logistics services. Al Quasis is Dubai’s oldest and culturally rich area and shares borders with popular industrial areas, i.e., Muhaisnah 4, Al Nahda, and Al Qusais industrial towards the north. With affordable amenities and services, this area is ideal for you if you have a limited budget to run your business.


Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is one of the historical areas next to Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai is home to popular textile souks and shopping streets. This is the bustling district in Dubai, with many government offices and consulates. One of the attractive features of Bur Dubai is the affordable rental properties available there. There are hundreds of commercial spaces for rent and sale at cheaper rates. So this area welcomes investors to buy commercial properties there in a cheap price range.

If you are looking for rental offices in Bur Dubai, Burjuman Tower, and Al Makhawi in Oud Metha are ideal destinations. Besides this, Al Souk Al Kabeer and Al Jaddaf are also demanding areas with low rates of shops. Another attractive feature of Bur Dubai is convenient connectivity to other densely populated areas in Dubai. With a historic neighborhood and tourist attractions, Bur Dubai is the best area for starting new businesses. The most favorable business to start there is in the hospitality industry because it is one of the best tourist destinations in Dubai, with heritage villages, historical places, and much more.

People who are curious to know the history of Dubai prefer to visit Bur Dubai, so the hoteling business is in demand there. There are so many hotels, restaurants, and cafes in prime locations of Bur Dubai. Some other businesses you can start in Bur Dubai include textiles, spices, and gold jewelry buinsess that may benefit you.


Deira is one of the most popular and oldest areas in Dubai that houses hundreds of small to medium-sized enterprises. It is a vibrant destination with outstanding established commercial communities. If you plan to start any traditional business there, then so businesses are running in Deira successfully with a touch of modernism. One of the significant reasons for the popularity of this area is connectivity to new and old Dubai.

It is well known as the central commercial hub of Dubai, with a rich history. There are countless Spices Souks, Textile Souks, Gold Souks, and Perfume Souks, so it is a good area for people interested in starting businesses in similar industries. Besides this, Deira is an ideal place to start eateries and restaurants because so many people are already successfully running small to medium-sized food points. One specialty of Deira is its prime location because Dubai Creek, the Arabian Gulf, and Sharjah encircle it, so this area holds significant importance for commercial activities. Although Deira is Dubai’s popular trading hub, this area is very demanding among ex-pats to take rental properties here.

One important thing to note here is that Deira is one of the oldest areas in Dubai, so this area does not have any freehold properties. Still, hundreds of affordable accommodations and work places are available at pocket-friendly rates. Overall we can conclude that this area is ideal for setting up new startups on a small scale. Deira houses properties at low rates, so entrepreneurs can easily afford their businesses there. There are so many old buildings, government properties, and retail spaces you can consider for starting your new business


Dubai is a glitzy city that welcomes investors and the business community to start businesses in various locations. Besides the attractions of dusty sands and modest pearl-finishing residential properties, this is also an ideal area to set up different setups. The ideal industries in Dubai are tourism, real estate, hospitality, and trade, where you can find a large scope of growth in a brief time. This is the most developed city in UAE, with exciting amenities and services. There are thousands of ideal business spaces that you can choose according to your budget and business preferences. Your decision to run your company in Dubai from a small to a large setup won’t make you regret in the future, and your business will grow in a brief span with consistent hard work and dedication.
Deciding which area is ideal for your business in Dubai is time-consuming, and you’ll need professional assistance to choose the most suitable area. In this regard taking the services of the best real estate company would be a wise decision. We at Expert Properties can help you find the best business locations in Dubai. You can set up your business in the areas mentioned above. We’ll help you get the best business locations in Dubai according to your preferences.

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